Dundee Auto Body : Bumper Repair or Replacement

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Bumper Repair and Bumper Replacement

It happens, bumpers get bumped resulting in dents, dings, or even major damage.

Depending on the degree of damage, your car’s bumper may need repair services or may need to be replaced. As Dundee’s preferred auto body shop, we take special care to ensure the very best job is completed to result in a like-new bumper repair or replacement job. We make sure that the paint job will match your car, and take precautions to not leave any type of overspray onto your car.

Our auto body technicians are experienced and will repair your car’s bumper using professional industry standards and high quality paint.

Bumper Services We Provide:

  • Bumper Replacement
  • Bumper Repair
  • Bumper Repaint
  • Bumper Refinishing Services : to fix dents in bumpers, cracks, or holes
  • & More

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