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Peter J. - January 10, 2015
Peter J. - January 10, 2015 http://www.facebook.com
Raul did a phenomenal job on my 2015 Subaru Outback. I have had the car for two weeks and someone struck my car in a parking lot with a door. I took it to other body shops and they said it damaged the pearl white paint, but Raul said he could get the dent out and buff out the scuff. I was in disbelief it would work, but it did. It looks like new at a fraction of the cost. Thanks
Ray B. - September 20, 2014
Ray B. - September 20, 2014 http://www.facebook.com
Great experience. Job was done on time and looks great. They kept me informed during the whole process and stayed open late to allow me to pickup the car. Highly recommended.
Catchnrel - Jul 10, 2011
Catchnrel - Jul 10, 2011 http://www.google.com
I had a dent on my G37x on the front quarter panel, in a tough spot (part of it was less than an inch from the edge by the door). It couldn’t be reached from behind, either. Raul worked hard on it, and the results were great – it looks like new. Thanks, Raul! Would definitely come back again.
Max - Apr 24, 2011
Max - Apr 24, 2011 http://www.google.com
Drove from DeKalb I called a bunch of shops early in the morning on Saturday and this place was the first one to have someone pick up- and be open on the weekends as well so I went in and had a fair estimate. Rual took care of a deep dime sized overall diameter and got my car waxed and polished. It was a bit of a challenge finding where the shop was located but just drive around the back once you turn into that industrial center street. It’s right next to design dundee llc custom job/machine shop. Overall highly satisfied with the job done to my 08 Accord Coupe v6 – he will post some pics on the website eventually. I highly recommend coming here if you work all week and only available on the weekends.
satisfied - Feb 19, 2011
satisfied - Feb 19, 2011 http://www.google.com
Very satisfied with the work done by Raul. I live in Sycamore and drove to East Dundee just for an estimate on a pretty large dent. Wasn’t expecting to get any work done right there and then. When Raul explained all that had to be done and gave me a price, I was sold. He is a perfectionist at what he does and takes pride in his craft. My Lexus is back to its original glory. Being a female, I dread getting quotes and estimates because I feel like some people take advantage of situations. Thanks Raul! Hopefully I won’t be in to see you soon but if I do have to come back to your shop, I know my car will be in good hand.
Foods - Jan 27, 2011
Foods - Jan 27, 2011 http://www.google.com
Raul did a great job pulling out a large dent on the side of my 1993 Jaguar XJS. The dent was in a bad location right along the side of the door where there is crease, despite the odd location he had no trouble pulling out the dent. He also took care of some dents on my trunk, and now my car looks good as new. Raul service is prompt and reasonably priced. I would recommend his service.
kinny - Dec 6, 2010
kinny - Dec 6, 2010 http://www.google.com
It is refreshing to find someone who takes pride in their work and that’s Raul! My 6 month 2011 white Toyota Camry got a large ding in a parking lot and he repaired it like new! He explains the process, gives a free quote and does an excellent job at a reasonable price. Another satisfied customer.
Scott - Oct 9, 2010
Scott - Oct 9, 2010 http://www.google.com
Very picky , but very satisfied buyer Raul removed 3 dents (using a paintless repair process) from my brand new, black Acura TL. When it rains it pours. My last three cars stayed flawless, and this one has been tapped three times at the train station parking lot in as many weeks. One of the dents was very simple to push out. It was smack dab in the middle of the driver’s side door. Easy sailing there. The other two were quite challenging and demonstrated Raul’s patience and talent. They both affected sharp body creases. Most shops rolled there eyes and said, “Sorry, can’t do it.” Raul, however, invested the time to make everything turn out perfect. My black beauty is now perfect once more. I’m very pleased with the experience. I’d highly recommend his service.
Anonymous - Sep 19, 2010
Anonymous - Sep 19, 2010 http://www.google.com
Pro paintless dent repair are Pro’s Raul did a great job on an 8 inch crease we had on our Honda Civic’s driver’s door. Can’t tell from new. Top notch work at reasonable prices !!!!!
roshan - May 30, 2010
roshan - May 30, 2010 http://www.google.com
Pro Paintless Dent Removal Nice Work Pro Paintless Dent Removal shop is professional people. They did a very nice work on my Porsche 911 Turbo. I would recommend them A++++++++++++++++ Roshan
John - Jun 11, 2011
John - Jun 11, 2011 http://www.google.com
I have a 2011 MDX that had a bad crease on my front door. He took it out completely! He took my car in right away and in about an hour and a half I was on my way. He charged a fair price and made my car look like it never had a crease. You would be crazy to take your car anywhere else for dentless repair work.
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